Do Baby Swings Work For Fussy Babies?


When it comes to soothing a fussy baby there are plenty of tips floating around for parents to try out. There are so many, in fact, that I could spend this entire article talking about all the different things you can try. Don’t worry, I won’t do that here. Instead, I intend to share information on the one thing that saved my sanity when my daughter was a colicky newborn. The baby swing that was gifted to us.

One of the reasons that experts believe babies “needlessly” cry in the first few months of life – meaning they aren’t hungry, sleepy or need a diaper change and otherwise seem fine – is that they simply miss the feeling of being in the womb. That theory makes a lot of sense if you really stop and think about it since the womb is all your child has known up to this point.

A few of the things your baby is most likely wanting to experience include:

  1. Closeness: While inside the womb, your baby has a limited amount of space to move around in. This means that your baby is accustomed to being in a small, warm space and the world outside the womb can be large and frightening to your baby. Usually, swaddling your baby or simply holding them closely can help recreate this feeling for them.
  2. Noise: Studies have shown that babies are able to hear their mother’s heart beat, stomach growling and blood coursing through her body. A little white noise from a fan, stereo, white noise machine or vacuum cleaner can help to settle your baby.
  3. Movement: Babies inside the womb can feel their mothers walking around all day long. While rocking your baby can help recreate this sensation for them it can become exhausting if your little one requires a lot of it.

All three of these sensations can be achieved through the use of a baby swing – which is great if your child is like mine was and needs all three at once. These days, many baby swings can be set to rock from either side-to-side or front-to-back, play an array of music and white noises and have harnesses that provide ultimate safety and that feeling of being snug that your baby desires.

Those things are all important to consider when choosing a baby swing. The most important, however, is the amount of space that you have to set it up in. For instance, putting a large swing in an area that can’t fit in comfortably can not only damage the product but can also potentially cause injury to your baby.

Baby swings are available in 3 general sizes – full size, mid-size and travel size and I found Amazon to be a great source of products and information, with the full range found here. Some of the travel size swings look good for a compact space, but make sure to check that it’s available with an AC adapter as some only run on batteries which can be inconvenient and expensive. Take your time reading through the customer reviews and you’re sure to find something suitable.