Grateful daughter,

Loving mom,

Totally amazing wife (of course!)

Lots to be thankful for but that doesn’t make it easy. My 4 year old girl means the world to myself and my husband and connecting with other moms has really helped me work out this whole parenting thing. This is my little corner of the internet to record our joys and frustrations and hopefully help others too.

So, more about me – I’m Canadian and my husband Australian and I love the beach! We get over there every year to see his family and this is one of my favorite photos with my daughter’s feet between my own.

I try to do arts & crafts things and my daughter loves it but I’m not that good, unless there’s a medal for creating a mess? I seem to more adept at that.

But I do have a wealth of experience with the difficulties from 0-5 years and this is what I plan to share on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by!